Auction Empire - Reality Show Teaser

TV Production
Motion Graphics
Camera Operator
Reality Sizzle Reel / Preview

  • Concept Development
  • Story Planning + Writing
  • Field Production + Directing
  • Camera Operation
  • Motion Graphics + Titles
  • Pitch Materials + Marketing

Family Drama in a Family Business Setting

Auction Empire follows the loving yet contentious Eous family as they run World of Decor, a network of fantastic auction house / home decor showrooms that stretches across the country.

The work and setting is really fascinating... the showrooms are packed to the gills with all KINDS of home decor-type stuff... framed paintings, sofas / chairs, beds, statues, pottery, flower arrangements, jewelry, and other weird, unique stuff. So the work setting would always look interesting and varied, with a constant flow of customers to mine plot from.

But the real treasure is the family itself... a perfect reality show setup. Interesting and complex father, plus 2 sons and 2 daughters that work for the company, and the youngest daughter who doesn't.  Everyone is charismatic, smart and driven, and they are all insanely competitive with each other and their father. It's all kinds of snark, drama, fights, makeups, funny messing around... just a great family of people who love each other while simultaneously driving each other totally bonkers. Just a great dynamic.

Plus, you've got the employees... the "Road Show" workers, a traveling band of almost-carnies that set up auctions in different cities every week... and the office workers, who also drive each other nuts as they toil away at the home office in Orlando. Just limitless wacky secondary characters to provide all kinds of plots and drama.

This one I worked on everything but the editing... Scooter Ricamore and I developed the main structure, then I wrote most of the various vignettes we'd run to showcase the personalities and settings involved. I'm always trying to show as many things as possible that would typically be happening on the show... the sorts of stories you'd see, to hopefully spark someone's imagination so they'd put it on TV.

Then we shot it in California, Texas, and Florida... great fun, very different locales, and much was learned. We outsourced the cutting of this one, and it came out just OK, I think. This was prior to American Barn, and I had yet to cut together an entire teaser trailer... but this experience also made me think I could. So I did.

I think it could be a really fun and interesting show... the family / cast is great, the work setting is interesting, and we have a list of funny and dramatic plots as long as your arm.



Stills from the Auction Empire Teaser Trailer

A fun business, a crazy and interesting family, a visually interesting setting, a steady flow of customer stories, a variety of locations... this family business show has it all, dangit.