Lucky Ducky Dogs Food Truck

Graphic Design
Food Truck Wrap Design
  • Graphic Consulting + Concept Development
  • Graphic Design (Illustrator + Photoshop)
  • Production Layouts (Illustrator + Photoshop)

Lucky Ducky Dogs rules atop the DFW food truck landscape, slinging high-quality sausages and hot dogs for tubular meat lovers of all ages. From the awesome Ay Chihuahua to the extravagant Gator Eats Pig, Lucky Ducky Dogs boasts a fun and tasy menu that is widely loved by citizens across the DFW metroplex.

This snazzy food truck started life as the humble "Taqueria Los Morros," which I'm sure was lovely... but when local entrepreneur Marshall Hays scooped it up, it needed a re-cover to launch his wacky new concept. I designed it up, sent it off... and the vehicle wrap guys fixed it right up. Not too shabby. 

As seems to be a theme with this sort of project, I brainstormed up way too many basic variations, so be sure to check out my obsessively-long demo sheets below. I really gotta get a handle on that. 

Clark's Sweet Hot Dog