MMAX Fights - Mixed Martial Arts Xtreme

TV Production
Motion Graphics
Mexican Mixed Martial Arts : Fights + Reality Show

  • Production + Concept Development
  • Motion Graphics (After Effects)
  • Field Production + Writing

Maximum Mexican Mixed Martial Arts Xtreme!

Charlie Bravo brought us this project that encompassed a Mexican "The Ultimate Fighter" reality show knockoff, as well as a collection of taped MMA fights they had produced the year before. We explored the viability of re-packaging the fights they already had, and/or re-releasing the TV show on some Spanish language channel.

We did end up cutting a series of fights for the Univision Puerto Rico, and shot promos for those episodes at Guy Mezger's Lion's Den Dallas, starring Charlie Bravo. I helped put the spots together, schlep gear, and work with Charlie to get the words right. I had written the basic script for Charlie's segments, and then we'd sort of adjust them into Spanish right before rolling the camera.

The Lion's Den gym was a great location, and seemed like a pretty good gym. Lots of things to punch, and a big MMA cage... quite a different feeling when you step inside one of those things, as opposed to watching from the outside.

They wanted to get the idea of "Saturday Night Fights" going by showing cheap, already taped fights, then advance to live fights as Saturday became a popular night for watching fights in Puerto Rico. As far as I know, it did not catch on as they'd hoped.

At some point they needed a quick website to handle the Puerto Rican shows, and try to get a following going to make more episodes (which did not happen, I don't believe)... which you can read about here.

Promo Screenshots + MMAX Fights Logo

MMAX Fights definitely had its moments... most of which are cut into this promo. Pretty good stuff, all considered.