The D League - Life in the NBA Minors

TV Production
Camera Operator
Reality Show Demo / Concept Teaser

  • Concept Development 
  • Production + Writing
  • Motion Graphics (After Effects)
  • Camera Operation + Field Production

Documentary Sports Reality Show

In 2011, the Texas Legends, NBA Developmental League affiliate of the Dallas Mavericks, hired Nancy Lieberman as the first female head coach in NBA history. This reality show concept followed soon behind, intended as a behind-the-scenes look at life in the basketball minors.

Originally it was pitched as being about Nancy almost exclusively, but I was always drawn more to the stories of the guys who were out there playing... from the guy who won a pre-season tryout on a break at his job selling shoes, to some of the biggest stars in the NBA working their way back toward the major leagues.  It's a crazy, stress-filled lifestyle these guys lead, and I'm still fascinated by what it takes to really follow your dreams like these guys do. Their entire lives are focused on this one thing, and making this minor league team in Frisco, Texas is just another step that HAS to happen.

This project suffered a bit from that common ailment, not quite knowing what it was. Under budget and time constraints, sometimes projects have to rush forward before they're fully formed, and that can muddy the waters a bit. I do think the trailer gets across the idea pretty well... it's not perfect, but not bad for a demo.

Regardless, a real-life, documentary-style examination of these guys lives would make a very interesting show, I think.  The idea is straight forward, the drama is built in, the guys are passionate, at least some of them are interesting, and there are endless stories of tragedy and triumph.

Screenshots from The D League - Starring Nancy Lieberman and Antonio Daniels

A few screenshots to give you the idea, should you not want to watch the entire demo segment above.