Graphic Design Gallery

Food Truck Wrap Design

Lucky Ducky Dogs is DFW's finest mobile purveyor of sausages, hot dogs, and tubular foods of all kinds. One of many business ventures pursued by local entrepreneur and close friend Marshall Hays, I designed the outside graphics as well as worked a few shifts on the grill. I'm not fast, but those sausages were tasty!

Logo + Business Cards + Corporate Persona

When Raw Metal Edge was just starting out, they needed a logo to encompass what they were trying to do... and since nothing says rock like skulls and flames, the answer eventually became clear.

Superbowl-Inspired Logo

Every few years, we'll have a Field Day Party as a general celebration of birthdays, etc.  Always an incredibly fun time, I won the World Championship for Field Day 36... and look forward to the next one!

Mini Gig Poster / Table Tent

This fun Texas band was a Dallas fixture for years, and featured my buddy Joe for years. As bands gig, they need to promote those gigs. This is that promotion.

Celebrities Playing Golf with Tommy and Tonya Roberts

I really liked the golf ball sunglasses guy... but that's mostly because I completely ripped it off from "Major League."

Proposed T-Shirt Illustration

Created as a t-shirt demo for a local Dallas garage that specializes in Mustangs from every era. Started with a simple Illustrator trace job, then plowed in the gradients. I had a few more selected in case they went into production, but sadly this project never saw the light of day. Until now!

Concept Development + Pitch Materials

An early reality-show concept we developed pretty extensively... and which was then immediately dismissed by everyone we tried to sell it to. I still think it would be a fun show for a low-rent cable network.