Motion Graphics Gallery

Reality Show Teaser Trailer / Sizzle Reel

Former super-agent Ty Kilinc stars in a fun and funny adventure across the American heartland, finding & reclaiming antique barns as well as the treasures they shelter.

Reality Sizzle Reel / Preview

The loving but highly competitive Eous family owns and operates World of Decor, a network of auction houses and home decor showrooms that stretches across the country. But when a family this contentious works together, keeping them together is the real job!

Mexican Mixed Martial Arts : Fights + Reality Show

Mexican Maximum Mixed Martial Arts Xtreme! Charlie Bravo brought us this project that encompassed a Mexican "The Ultimate Fighter" knockoff, as well as a collection of taped MMA fights they had produced the year before.

Reality Show Demo / Concept Teaser

This reality show concept about the lives of a "crime scene" cleaning crew never made it past the teaser stage, but still represents a pretty decent idea that could certainly be on TV somewhere. A rough draft, there are holes aplenty... but you get the idea.

Television Spot Shot on Location + After Effects Attack

Original 30 second TV spot for iChill Relaxation Shots, and one of my first "full-scale" After Effects projects. We shot the base video on the pool deck of the Dallas W Hotel, then I attacked it with a whole bunch of effects, including rain and lightning, a helicoptor, lens flares, voice over, and some motion tracking at the end to get it all to come together.

TV Commercial + Web Design Demos

iCU2 Video Chat is one of the original online video chat communities, and is still going strong. It works sort of like a predecessor to Chat Roulette, without the roulet aspect, and they needed a TV commercial.

NFL vs. MMA Reality Show Concept

Proposed reality show featuring Herschel Walker and other stars / athletes who had taken up MMA. The "Stars" would be trained to "Fight," and then fight real fighters.