Skippy McLizard: Secret Ninja

Musical Comedy Parody Album + Music Videos

  • Creative Input + Writer (Lyrics)
  • Album Artwork (Illustrator + Photoshop)
  • Video Production + Graphics (After Effects)
  • Shooting + Editing (Premiere Pro)

The First Album from America's Comedy Sweethearts

The first album from Skippy McLizard, namely musical genius Joe Hanish and me, helping where I can. Produced over the course of about 2 years at the cost of many hours, I consider it amazingly successful and responsible for spawning the "Skippy Ethos" of relentless forward progress.

I'm clearly not completely unbiased, but I believe it to be an excellent comedy parody album, and an absolute must-have for any fan of the genre.

With a couple true-to-the-original-yet-given-a-new-twist covers (The Gap Band's "You Dropped a Bomb on Me" and Travis Tritt's "Here's a Quarter"), a couple of popular song parodies ("Gro-Rida" parodying Flo-Rida's "Low" and "Warcrack (Peein' in a Bottle)"  taking on Timbaland's "Give it to Me"), some epically awesome comedy song classics-to-be (the amaing pot-smoker's anthem "Flight 420", the construction-as-sex-metaphor "Boom Operator", and the distaff "Girls Play WoW"), plus all sorts of other silliness and ninja yells, this album is great for anyone with a funny bone, who doesn't mind a bit of swearing and innappropriate behavior from time to time.

If you're look to add a bit of depth to the proceedings, you can't go wrong with the "Triology of Sorrow" song series, spanning across the upbeat "We Can All Get F'd Up", the depressing "Sleeping in a Honda", and completing with the redemptive "Time to Change," or learn a bit more about the core spiritual concept of Sama, Dana, Beda, Danda with the supremely hard-rocking "Sama," which should be taught in every religious studies course in the world.  Yes, the world!

So far the album has spawned a very successful video for "Warcrack (Peein' in a Bottle)," which is slowly wending its way toward a million views on YouTube. Several more videos are eventually planned, should the wherewithal become available... specifically "Gro-Rida," "Trilogy of Sorrow," and the all-time epic "Flight 420" (we dream, oh, we dream.)

Check out the entire album below via these very nifty players, or go pick it up on iTunes (Secret Ninja - Skippy McLizard) for a very reasonable price. I gurantee you'll laugh at least once (offer not valid if you are dead inside.) Obviously, this is very NSFW / Parental Advisory / Mature Audiences, so don't go blasting it at work and then get mad at us when you get fired by the uptight human resources guy. Listen, enjoy, and then buy the thing so we can eat. Thanks!

Skippy McLizard: Secret Ninja

We felt the first track off Secret Ninja should work as a sort of manifesto about what one might expect on the rest of the album... so we made it a bunch of silly nonsense, along with a quick disclaimer to waive any personal responsibility. Heck, we warn you right up front that it's going to be ridiculous... and it is. Oh, it is. [Buy on iTunes]

Our humble cover of the all-time classic The Gap Band song, updating the sound of this un-improvable song. Catchy as ever, plus an out-of-left-field autobiographical breakdown from Joe mid-song to give it a special Skippy flavor. Thanks for writing such an awesome song, The Gap Band! [Buy on iTunes]

Perhaps the greatest construction-as-sex-metaphor parody song in the history of the world, this song is quite dirty... as any song featuring construction-sex-metaphors should be. Originally conceived as an ode to a friend who actually is a boom operator, it eventually morphed into this amazingly smutty awesomeness about heavy equipment. {Buy on iTunes]

The first single and first video off Secret Ninja, "Warcrack (Peein' in a Bottle)" is a World of Warcraft-focused parody song based on Timbaland's "Give it to Me." Hilarious to any WoW player, Azaroth will never be the same! Perfectly complemented by the very fast-paced video, chock full of sight gags and general insane wackiness.  [Buy on iTunes]

Another fun World of Warcraft parody song playing off two separate WoW memes... the awesome original song and YouTube sensation "It's Fun to Play WoW," and another video of a girl with a very sexy voice revealing herself to be heavyset, so other players would ease up hitting on her so much. And thus, "(Fat) Girls play WoW" was born! [Buy on iTunes]

The first song in the "Triology of Sorrow" song cycle, this fun party song contains a dark twist that foreshadows troubled times to come...  you know, comedy. [Buy on iTunes]

The second part of the "Trilogy of Sorrow" song cycle blends humor and melancholy to create something sadly amusing... and quite lovely, in my opinion.  [Buy on iTunes]

Just when you thought all was lost, the Triology of Sorrow concludes with the uplifting and compulsively danceable part 3.  We defy you not to groove to this song... no one can resist its power! [Buy on iTunes]

It may have begun its life as a commercial music demo, but Mom's Kitchen took on a life of its own and would not be denied. Plus, I really, really want to eat there.  [Buy on iTunes]

A cover of Travis Tritt's classic, the Skippy Version of "Here's a Quarter" mixes in some new technology and a very familiar-seeming garbage robot lamenting his relationship's demise... who knew that little trash-cube making guy could sing!? Compulsively sing-alongable.  [Buy on iTunes]

A collaboration between Skippy and the excellent new school Dallas reggae band Champa resulted in this mind-bogglingly profane groove that possesses... you guessed it, a quite thick lower end. Fun and dirty as heck, so ridiculous as make you wonder about our sanity. Mission accomplished.  [Buy on iTunes]

This is it, the single greatest airline-based marihuana anthem ever made! Truly epic in scope, groove, density and sheer balls. How far can you take an airplane-metaphor parody pot-smoking song? Listen to Flight 420 and know the answer!  [Buy on iTunes]

Skippy takes the Flo-Rida hit "Low" and re-imagines it as a trip to the grocery store... fraught with peril and hilarity, natch! Wal-mart's my ho, indeed. A must for anyone who gets a little nervous walking through the feminine hygiene aisle.  [Buy on iTunes]

Absolute rock, absolute knowledge! A fascinating examination of the Budhist concept of Sama, Dana, Beda, Danda... laid down to rocking grooves so heavy, they may break your brain! It rocks, you learn, everybody wins. [Buy on iTunes]

A rockin' pedal steel ode to the southwest. And a fond farewell to you all!  [Buy on iTunes]