Television Production Gallery

Reality Show Teaser Trailer / Sizzle Reel

Former super-agent Ty Kilinc stars in a fun and funny adventure across the American heartland, finding & reclaiming antique barns as well as the treasures they shelter.

Reality Sizzle Reel / Preview

The loving but highly competitive Eous family owns and operates World of Decor, a network of auction houses and home decor showrooms that stretches across the country. But when a family this contentious works together, keeping them together is the real job!

Marketing / Advertising / PR

A fun and fast-paced video about the 2014 Emmy Awards' amazing response to Kelly's Delight 100% All Natural Liquid Sugar.

Reality Show Demo / Concept Teaser

In 2011 the Texas Legends, NBA Developmental League affiliate of the Dallas Mavericks, hired Nancy Lieberman as the first female head coach in NBA history. This reality show concept followed soon behind, a behind-the-scenes look at life in the basketball minors.

Mexican Mixed Martial Arts : Fights + Reality Show

Mexican Maximum Mixed Martial Arts Xtreme! Charlie Bravo brought us this project that encompassed a Mexican "The Ultimate Fighter" knockoff, as well as a collection of taped MMA fights they had produced the year before.

Reality Show Demo / Concept Teaser

This reality show concept about the lives of a "crime scene" cleaning crew never made it past the teaser stage, but still represents a pretty decent idea that could certainly be on TV somewhere. A rough draft, there are holes aplenty... but you get the idea.

Television Spot Shot on Location + After Effects Attack

Original 30 second TV spot for iChill Relaxation Shots, and one of my first "full-scale" After Effects projects. We shot the base video on the pool deck of the Dallas W Hotel, then I attacked it with a whole bunch of effects, including rain and lightning, a helicoptor, lens flares, voice over, and some motion tracking at the end to get it all to come together.

TV Commercial + Web Design Demos

iCU2 Video Chat is one of the original online video chat communities, and is still going strong. It works sort of like a predecessor to Chat Roulette, without the roulet aspect, and they needed a TV commercial.

NFL vs. MMA Reality Show Concept

Proposed reality show featuring Herschel Walker and other stars / athletes who had taken up MMA. The "Stars" would be trained to "Fight," and then fight real fighters. 

Celebrities Playing Golf with Tommy and Tonya Roberts

I really liked the golf ball sunglasses guy... but that's mostly because I completely ripped it off from "Major League."

Concept Development + Pitch Materials

An early reality-show concept we developed pretty extensively... and which was then immediately dismissed by everyone we tried to sell it to. I still think it would be a fun show for a low-rent cable network.