Web Design Gallery

Website Design + Basic Programming

This unique, custom metal music accessories company needed a website and logo design from scratch... so I fixed them up with this temp-to-permanent layout site, as a predicate to programming the whole thing into a CMS.

MMAX Fights Website - Univision Puerto Rico Promotion

Designed for a Mexican MMA promotion in support of a Univision Puerto Rico Saturday Night Fights series. We also shot a promo with star Charlie Bravo.

Nate Kipp MySpace Design Demo | ClarkAllen.com
MySpace Web Design Demo + Band Photography

My buddy Joe was the bass player for this pretty decent band, so I worked up this MySpace page demo for these guys... back when that was something that people did. Once I researched the CSS insanity required to bend MySpace to your will... I was glad it never got past the talking stage. Man, was that place a mess.

Website Design Demos

iCU2 was slowly overhauling its visuals, including updating their website. We also shot a TV commercial for them.

Website and e-Commerce Solution for Direct-Response & Online Sales

One of my first start-to-finish e-commerce creation, using Miva Marketplace, to sell this handy invention.  It took some doing, certainly, but I eventually got a very smooth system put together for the owner to easily administer his orders. You can still buy this thing today, but my version of the site is no more. 

Web Design Site Demos

A few design demos I made for a very slick little product that basically took those snap bracelets and made hair-styling doodads out of them.