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Another Free Project for a Band that Destroyed Itself

My buddy Joe was the bass player for this pretty decent band, so I worked up this MySpace page demo for these guys... back when that was something that people did.

I also whipped together that dead-bird logo, which I still think it pretty sweet... even if it sort of looks like "Nate and the Texas Bird Kipp Flu Band."  If they still existed, I would have fixed that.  That flu-stricken bird came out nicely, as did the little healthy flying ones up top.

This was my only real experience with the insane css hacks that formed the basis for MySpace programming. It was a complete nightmare that exploited some holes in how MySpace rendered itself to let you piece together something like a web page.  Urgh. I was glad I never had to actually implement this thing, honestly.

It was a very entertaining band full of really excellent musicians, sort of an old school Texas country, 3-sets-a-night band.  One of my favorite Joe bands, actually.

Alas, this band was eventually killed by the destructive plague of Lead Singer Disease. Ah, they were good while they lasted.

Nate Kipp Band Photos

A fun evening around Dallas that resulted in some fairly decent band photos.  It was great to spend time in the Metro Diner (no longer open) and the legendary Adair's, a truly authentic dive bar / fireman's bar / sharpie marker explosion in Deep Ellum that serves a surprisingly tasty hamburger.

Nate Kipp - Metro Diner - Dallas, Texas |
Nate Kipp - Adairs - Dallas, Texas - Deep Ellum |
Nate Kipp - Dallas, Texas - Deep Ellum |
Joe Hanish - Dallas, Texas - Deep Ellum |
Dallas, Texas - Deep Ellum |
Dallas, Texas - Deep Ellum |
Nate Kipp - Metro Diner - Dallas, Texas |
Nate Kipp - Metro Diner - Dallas, Texas |