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Website + Logo Design for Heavy Metal Masters!

The good folks over at Raw Metal Edge needed a cool custom logo and website to start promoting their unique, custom metal music accessories... so I planned out a website that layed out a certain look, but remained flexible enough to cover all our bases moving forward.

Lots of times, new companies aren't sure exactly what their site will offer... and often, these decisions morph over time. Now that the site has been up and running for awhile, the owners have a totally different idea of what the site will do... and so the next step is merging the new ideas into the current look.

RME has produced custom metal drum risers for Poison and other big-time bands, and have a very interesting collection of custom projects and in-stock metal music accessories.

A Few Sub-Page Designs to Start Researching the Final Design

As we learn more about how people use the site, and what the owners would like to offer, these features will evolve to become more sophisticated.